Crowns of the Apocalypse

The Long Way Down

Journal Note #367
“You take people, you put them on a journey, you give them peril, you find out who they really are.”
― Joss Whedon

This thought first occurred to me as I drifted into Meditation. I came to this town for research and recreation, not a daemon hunting expedition to the lair of the Monster, who just so happens to be in possession of our newly befriended ally, the Oracle. This whole thing has the stink of Big Evil on it. In some twist of fate I am now in a race against time, bound to adventure with two unlikely companions. One a brute of great strength and courage, the other a sly creature of the shadow, with a shadowy past.

The Guardian of the city, Arden, seems to understand the severity of the situation. The Scholar, Listor, seems at least intellectually capable of understanding the problem. However I am concerned that the forces at play will overpower this under-powered kingdom. I anxiously await the return of Melitia [the Raven] with news from the homeland. Ideally she would be shortly followed by a contingent of my people capable of dealing with the situation. Perhaps even the Chasers of the Damned [high elven anti-Evil task force], though that would be a long shot. I hardly have a reason to believe my word carries enough influence to summon the Chasers.

Journal Entry #368
In short, we regrouped and spent the night learning techniques and preparing for the fight ahead. I prepared mostly offensive spells for this day considering we would be raiding the Daemon’s lair itself. We ran into an Evil sorcerer, who happened to carry a tome of vast evil that I have little hope of containing by myself. We defeated him but an incredibly strong Daemon wounded me gravely in the process. We chased him into the cellar, and dispatched him handily.

We are now waiting in the cellar of the sorcerers’ house, looking at the angry maw of the stairs leading to the Sewers. I don’t know how much longer we may press on this day—my spells are already near exhausted and I am more than slightly hurt by the melee. Although my heart compels me to run forward and rescue Rhia with all haste, a small part of me believes that we should not rush into this blinded or injured. If these were only the guardians of the Gate, I wonder with great apprehension what lies inside the Keep…



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