Crowns of the Apocalypse

Day 2 Part 1: Losing Rhia

Losing Raya
It was the morning after the Krell Family Inn had burned down. I, the last of the Krell family line, had lost everything except my most valuable possessions. I chose to stay with the Wizard, Balthazar, and the Half-Elf Cranan. They seemed to have an idea behind what caused these Daemons to destroy my inn and kill my uncle. Damn orcish bastard never knew how to run an inn.
I lost track of myself, where was I? Right, the three of us decided action was best, and chose to go back to see the Oracle Raya, whose name I learned later on the battlefield. Raya met with us, and we explained how we believed the Cleric Lumeria was being corrupted by an evil force. Raya believed us, and chose to work with us to try and purify this corruption. We made a plan to follow Lumeria, with Cranan taking point. The Half-Elf moves swift, especially for carrying around his brother the whole time. His brother is a sword, by the way, forgot to mention that. We followed Lumeria to the remains of the Krell Family Inn. Surprisingly, part of the rooms and the kitchen survived. It warmed my heart to find out my ale stores were intact. Lumeria had entered the burnt remains of the inn near the rooms, so we decided to follow her.
Once inside, we found Lumeria working on some form of symbol painted onto one of the walls left standing. Balthazar immediately used a spell and burned the symbol away, wasting all of Lumeria’s work. We then proceeded to engage in combat, with Raya behind me, protecting my body from damage. Lumeria is quick with a quarterstaff, and would’ve given me one hell of a beating if Raya hadn’t healed the strikes seconds after they landed. Balthazar used his spells in combat once more, igniting the area in a huge ball of flame, that we were somehow protected from. The wizard’s got technique, something admirable on the battlefield. Lumeria then proceeded to summon a rather large daemon. Bastard wouldn’t have fit through the doors, had there been any.
Cranan, the tricky little spellcaster that he is, hit that daemon hard over and over. The thing didn’t stand a chance. The half-kept swinging his brother, who kept changing colors like a damn Rainbow. When I could seem them through the walls of flame from Balthazar, that is. I didn’t pay much attention though, Lumeria kept running away after she smacked me around. Tunnel vision got me for a bit before Balthazar burned her to a crisp. The woman looked like she was on her last legs, and I had to let Raya take over. I turned and helped Cranan and Balthazar finish off the Daemon. But as I turned back to Raya and Lumeria, I saw them teleport away. Damn spellcasters. Always have tricks up their sleeves.
We had to find someone who knew how to locate Raya and Lumeria. The guard showed up, and after explaining the situation, they realized we needed some help. The second in command of the guard, Arden Caine, escorted us to the house of a scholar, someone who could help us locate Raya. The scholar, Listor, lives very comfortably. I enjoyed his home. I might use some of his rooms as inspiration in some of the new rooms of the inn. He helped us locate Lumeria and Raya through the use of two gems, which apparently contained human souls. I guess souls can be placed in anything these days. Maybe I can convince somebody to put mine in a beer pitcher. As soon as we set together a plan and made to head out, we were ambushed by two beings made out of writhing tentacles. I guess they were more daemons.
All enemies fall to the blade, though. Balthazar and Listor laid down an impressive flurry of spells. I’m sure Cranan laid one out, and I think I took the other one on. Arden’s weapon was so loud I could barely hear myself think. I thought crowds in the arena were loud. Well, one of those tentacle daemons put me under some sort of curse. I was paralyzed once more, just like last night at the Krell inn. We ended up defeating them. Cranan then tried to swindle me out of a deal by making a pact in Elvish with Balthazar to sell a valuable artifact, a small stone that orbits around its user’s head. Balthazar let me in on his plan, and argued we split the gold evenly. The stone will actually make the wearer harder to hit. I though that was pretty useful, so I struck a deal of my own.
With the stone in possession, agreed that we’d split the gold after selling it at a later date, we once again prepared to set out to save Raya, purify the Cleric, and save the town. Man, Draven Krell is gonna be a household name after this!
To Be Continued…



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